Resonant Frequencies May Destroy Cancer Cells

In keeping you updated as to some of the new and exciting research with SOUND HEALING, we found and article that shows promising research. "Pancreatic cancer cells were targeted first. The resonant frequencies lead to changes in the shape of the cells and eventual destruction."

" Dr. Holland figured out that cancer cells are vulnerable to frequencies between 100,000 hertz and 300,000 hertz. His team tackled leukemia cells next, which were similarly destroyed. " (full article)

Could sound healing be the next frontier of health care? Check out this video from Dr. Holland:

Without radiation, without chemotherapy, how could cancer cells be destroyed by sound alone? Just as an opera singer would find the resonate vibration of a drinking glass to shatter it with his voice alone, Dr. Holland hoped to find the "resonant frequency" of leukemia, pancreatic cancer an more. Keep us updated with what you learn about this hew healing technology with amazing healing potential!

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